Friday, August 3, 2012

Rhetorical question

I was vacuuming, and Noah was playing Wii.  He curled up his legs when I got close to him, and he looked a little nervous.  I said, "Are you frightened, little boy?"  He smiled and said, "A little."  A Mister Rogers song popped into my head (as they often do--I loved Mister Rogers).  It was the "You can never go down the drain" song.  I changed the words to "You can never get sucked up in the vacuum", and I sang it in full operatic volume. At the end, I pulled the hose wand out and sucked it onto Noah's shirt.  He rolled his eyes, but I saw him smirking. 

The phone rang, and Noah went to answer it with the Wii remote in his hand.  I kept vacuuming.  When he got back to the living room, he was searching around frantically.  He yelled, "Mom, did you vacuum up the Wii remote?"

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