Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Noah's story

I gave Noah six spelling words and told him to write a story using them.  His words were: achievement, knots, thicker, largest, quickest, yarn.  He started, and after awhile, I checked on what he was writing, and he hadn't used any of the words yet!  He had written:
My family got a boat.  But before we start, let me tell you about my family.  My name is Ryan.  My sister's name is Mia.  My dad's name is Jim.  My mom's name is Lilly.  And my other sister's name is Lizzy.  But my favorite is Alex, my brother.  And I have a baby sister named Katie.
I said, "Well now we know everyone's names, but is it going to go somewhere soon?"  He assured me it was and kept writing:
This is the beginning of my story.  Chapter 1 The New Boat [here he drew a picture of a boat].  Friday night, 10:00.  "Time to go to bed!" yelled Mom."  "Aw Mom, this game is almost over."   "Too bad," Mom said.  I was watching baseball on TV right then.  "GO TO BED!" yelled Mom.  Guess I'm done.  10:45 I'm done arguing.  I'm in bed.  Mom kisses me good night.  She also messes around with the clock.  I don't really care.  I say good night and fall asleep.   5:00 a.m.  The alarm clocks ring in everyone's rooms. 
At this point, I ask him if he remembers that he's supposed to be using the spelling words.  He says, "Oh yeah! I'll get to that. How many knots is 500 miles per hour?"  I told him I had no idea, and he said he was going to Google it.  I encouraged him to stick with his assignment, but he said he needed this information for his story.  So after a brief interlude with Google, he gets out the iPad.  I balk at this, and he tells me he needs to use the calculator app to figure out the knots-to-mph conversion formula he found on Google.  Finally he picks up his pencil and gets back to writing:
We all wake up and go to the living room.  What an achievement by Mom to wake us all up this early!  "What is going on?" said Dad.  "Wait and see," said Mom.  We go outside to the shed.  In there is a boat that is a top-of-the-line boat.  It is the largest, quickest there is.  Its top speed is 434 knots.  We try to use yarn to hold it in place but it won't work.  We need a thicker rope.  Chapter 2 The Ride
and that's where he stopped, because Sarah wanted him to rollerskate with her in the basement.  


Mike said...

He used all the words!

Anonymous said...

...and I want, "the rest of the story".

~ j

to prove I'm not a robot, I usually have to try more than 3 times. So I am def. NOT a robot.

Janes Family said...

I'll send you chapter 2, Joan. Since you're not a robot. :)