Saturday, November 24, 2012


Thanksgiving morning cooking

Tried this trick that I read about to keep potatoes from boiling over, and it worked! Every year, the potatoes boil over, but not this time.  Why wouldn't the water just boil right past that spoon? I don't understand why it works, but I'll be doing it every time.

The bird formerly known as Tom, until Noah said, "Can we please not name it? Then I won't be able to eat it."

Sarah learning the carving trade from Grandpa.

My sister-in-law with her beautiful braid, and my mom helping hold the ridiculously heavy platter.

We had planned on having the kids eat outside, but it rained, so they were relegated to the basement.  Shadow observed from the mattress, hoping for food to be left unattended.

The adult crowd

Abrupt shift into Noah's birthday party.  The poor kid was born the day before Thanksgiving, so his party always gets combined with it.

The thankfulness book.  Interesting to see how the kids' handwriting has changed through the years.

opening birthday presents

Sarah doing a gymnastics performance

My nephew doing a trombone performance

Lego time

The men, doing what they do.

Marty loves a party.

My dad getting his cat fix.

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