Monday, February 25, 2013


This is what happened today. 

1) I had surgery 10 days ago to remove a suspicious mole on my back.  The biopsy results were supposed to be back in 7-10 days.  I waited fairly patiently and peacefully, but today being the 10th day, I called the doctor's office, even though they were supposed to call me.  I got put on hold and transferred around so long that I started to get nervous.  Finally a nurse told me that they hadn't heard back from the lab and that she would call them and call me back.  Eight hours later, I hadn't heard anything, so I called again.  Nurse said she had emailed the lab and they hadn't gotten back to her.  She suggested I call the lab and have them fax the results to the doctor.  After being transferred around and put on hold a lot at the lab, they told me they never got anything from the doctor.  I called the doctor back.  Nurse said she would check with someone else and call me back.  I never heard anything from anyone.  So I guess my mole is missing in action.

2) We didn't shovel the last time it snowed, because I thought the weather was supposed to warm up enough to melt it.  There wasn't that much snow, so we just drove over it.  Now with more snow and ice forecasted, I thought I should get out there and clear off the driveway before it arrives.  I spent a long time hacking away at packed-down icy snow.

3) Sarah has a cold, one of those super-snotty disgusting ones.  My grossness threshold is being approached.

4) Noah started puking violently this afternoon.  He has fever, chills, aches. I don't deal well with puke.  So gross.

5) I had to go to the vet and get flea pills for the cats.  I crushed them into a powder and mixed them with tuna.  The cats refused to eat it.  Mike suggested adding some chicken broth.  That was all it took for Shiloh.  She licked her platter clean.  Now I'm waiting for her to puke.  They all puked about half an hour after I gave them the pill last time.  Marty and Shadow wouldn't eat their tuna-chicken broth-medication concoction. The pills are $15 each.

Now I will try to think of something good about each of those.

1) I know that mole wasn't cancer anyway.  I'm glad I don't work as a mole courier.

2) It was a nice, sunny day for shoveling, and Noah helped me.

3) This is a hard one....nothing is coming to me.  At least she's not puking?

4) He made it to the toilet!

5) I love having cats. They're more than worth it. 

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