Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Random quotes from today

"If I pull a muscle from having to kick you, you're going to be in trouble!" (I said this to Noah when he was poking at me irritatingly with a water noodle while I was cooking, and I felt a little twinge while I was fending him off with kicks.)

"I'm terrified of flying waffles!" (said by Sarah after I served Noah's waffle by throwing it across the kitchen like a frisbee.  He likes the challenge.  When anything gets thrown at Sarah, she cowers and covers her face.)

"I've been doing this job for 13 years, so I don't make rookie mistakes anymore.  Now I make seasoned veteran mistakes."  (My response to Sarah's request for a "huge batch of waffles".  I made a very small batch, because I know she'll be snacking on other stuff the whole time I'm making them, and by the time the waffles are ready, she will be full.  This is not my first rodeo.)

"I'm living the dream!  It's just that sometimes it seems like a nightmare." (I said this to Noah during a discussion about homeschooling.  I admitted to him that there are days when I fantasize about dropping them off at school and going back to bed to read a book all day.  But I told him those are just occasional, fleeting fantasies and that I don't really want to send them to school--most days). 

"My standards are not too high.  I just want you to do it right instead of wrong." (my response to Noah's grumbling about my standards during a piano lesson.)

We did a project where we drew imaginary constellations and took turns guessing what they were.  A couple quotes heard during that time:

"What is that...a horse with a mohawk?"  "No, it's a monkey!"
"That's a snowman with a top hat!"  "No, it's a toilet."  "Ewwww, why would you make a toilet constellation anyway?"

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