Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cannibalizing the cats

Yesterday in History class, we learned about the Ten Tragic Days in Mexico City in 1913.  People were so desperate and hungry that they cooked and ate their pet cats.  All three of ours were in the room, listening.  I said I couldn't imagine being hungry enough to eat our pets.  I would eat bugs and grass and worms and whatever I could dig up before looking at my cats and seeing a meal.  We decided we'd eat the chinchillas first and then we'd start on Marty, because she's the biggest and the oldest.  I told Noah that the cats wouldn't really make much of a meal, and that after we'd eaten them, he'd better watch his back.  He said, "No! Eat Sarah first!"  I said, "You're bigger, and older..." and started chasing him around. 

Today, Marty was giving him the cold shoulder, and he said, "Marty doesn't like me anymore, since I didn't defend her yesterday during the cat cannibalism discussion."

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