Monday, February 2, 2015


The older Noah gets, the more big and scary his baseball teams look to me.  He'll be in Pony League this summer, and some of those guys are bigger than full grown men.  They throw the ball close to 100 miles per hour, and they hit it hard.  After Noah got hit in the head by a wild pitch a few years ago, I bought him a helmet with a face mask.  Today I told him I wanted to buy him one of these:

He said, " padded is it?  I don't want to be too bulky."  I told him it was made for baseball players and that it's not nearly as padded as football players.  Then I said, " padding.  I'd like to get that for you!  Actually, I'd feel better if you played in full chainmail armor!"  He rolled his eyes and said, "Even if I was somehow able to hit the ball wearing all that, I'd never be able to drag all that armor down to first base!"  I decided I would trust him to God, as I always have.  But I think I'll still get that padded shirt. 

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