Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tuna melt

This is one of my favorite things lately.
 Aldi's version of Laughing Cow

 Onion, green pepper, the Laughing Cow wedge, tuna, fennel feathers (I don't usually put those in, but since I had them leftover from something else, I did this time), and pepper.  Smash it all up with a fork. 

 No matter how secretive I try to be when I open the tuna, Shiloh comes running and starts climbing up the drawers, begging for a bite.  Even if she's sound sleep all the way across the house.

 Spread the tuna mixture on two halves on a sandwich thin and top with tomato slices.  This time I also added roasted garlic cloves, because I just roasted some garlic yesterday.  

 Top with a thin slice of swiss, and broil for a couple minutes.  Yum.

 As long as the broiler is on, might as well make s'mores.

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