Monday, February 2, 2015

Future living arrangements

Conversation with Sarah while making toffee bars.

S: I'm going to keep this recipe so my kids and I can make them right here in this kitchen!  There aren't really enough rooms in this house for all my kids, so they'll have to share bedrooms. 
M: What?  Aren't you going to have your own house?
S: No, I like this one.
M: Well, you're always welcome here.  It's your house too.  But do you think your husband will like living with his in-laws?
S: He'll be living here with me and the kids, of course!
M: Where are your dad and I going to be?
S: You'll be here!
M: Which takes me back to my question...what if your husband doesn't want to live with his in-laws?
S: Mom. He won't be living with in-laws.  He'll be living here with us!
M: Yes, but Daddy and I will be his in-laws.
S: Oooooohhhhhhh.  Well he won't mind.
M: How many kids are you having?
S: Three girls and a boy.
M: What are the sleeping arrangements?
S: Two girls will be in my old room.  And we'll have to paint half of Noah's room.  He won't mind.
M:  He's still here too?
S: Oh no.  He moved out long ago.
M: I see. So why are you painting half of his old room?
S: Half will have to be pink, because one of the girls will be in there.
M: Where are you and your in-law-loving husband going to sleep?
S: In your old room, of course!
M: You're sleeping with us?!
S: No, Mom.  You and Daddy are in the basement.
M: What?! You're kicking us out of our own bed and relegating us to the basement?  We can't even make it up and down the stairs at our age!
S: Oh, all right.  I guess my husband and I can move next door when the Tuckers move out. 
M: Yes, that's a good idea. Maybe we could even build a skywalk between the houses so we can get to each other's houses without having to go outside.
S: We could hang a clothesline from our window to yours and send each other notes and goodies!

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Joanna said...

I am reading this out load to the kids, because we get so much enjoyment from all of your posts and Leah wonders if the Tuckers you live next door to would be her drivers ed teacher Marshall Tucker.