Monday, October 5, 2015

Poor Barbie

We found Barbie in this position this morning. Noah said, "Why is Barbie doing a one-handed pushup with her naked butt in the air?"  Sarah answered, "Well, it's not easy getting Barbie clothes on!"
Later I found her in this position. I asked Sarah why Barbie was hanging off the bench like a monkey. Sarah said she was doing some gymnastics.
Then Noah put her in this position and yelled, "Barbie's got a wedgie!"  Then this conversation happened, which made me laugh but probably shouldn't have:
S: Barbie can't get a wedgie; she doesn't have testicles.
N: You don't have to have testicles to get a wedgie. Want me to show you?
S: No! Oh yeah, I remember. You just have to have a butt crack.
N: And I know Barbie has one of those. I just saw it this morning!

**Update...hours later, I found her like this:
Some people have an elf on the shelf; we have Barbie.

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