Thursday, October 29, 2015

What is he talking about?

I had another one of those conversations with my teenager today that when it was over, I had no idea what he had said.  Between the mumbling, high tech words, and teenage slang, I'm lucky to comprehend ten percent of what he says.  This time it went something like this:

N: Hey Mom! mumble mumble garbled mumble snap chat and...
M: Snap chat?
N: Yeah and mumble mumble laughing too hard to make intelligible speech...
M: Haha
N: I know! and mumble mumble meme...
M: What's a meme?
N: It's like a mumble insta something app you can just screenshot it on your mumble tech...
M: Hmm. Ok.

Then he was gone.  I guess it was a good conversation because he was giggling and flailing his arms.  It reminds me of an old Far Side cartoon:
The teenager is the human, and I am the dog.

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