Monday, February 8, 2016

Do you know your name?

Noah said, "Did you know that the number of observable stars in the universe is ten to the twenty-second power? It says that in my math book. And Psalm 147:4 says that God named each star.  Does that mean that when astronomers named them, they actually renamed them?"  

I said, "Maybe....or maybe God revealed the stars' names to the astronomers."

Noah replied, "I doubt that, because some of them are named after Greek gods.  I can't picture God saying to the astronomers, 'Hey, why don't you name this star that I created after one your made-up gods?'"

I had to agree with that.  Then he said, "So it's like when we got Marty and we were planning to rename her Jasmine, but we couldn't because she already knew her name."

I said, "Right.  We could have called her Jasmine, but she would always know her real name was Marty.  Maybe the stars know their names, even though we've given them the wrong ones?"

I was enjoying thinking about that, but Noah said, "No, they're not like living, thinking beings, Mom.  They don't know their names."

He's a literal thinker. 

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