Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hungry + Angry = Hangry

I've lost weight every day for the last week.  I'm happy about that, but depriving myself always makes me grouchy.  Sometimes very, very grouchy.  Especially if I have to watch people eating something I want to be eating.  Normally, my resting grouch level is about a 2, so if something annoying happens, it doesn't raise me above a 5.  But when I'm dieting, my resting grouch level is already at an 8, so minor irritations can push me over the boiling point much faster.  Such as the annoying conversation I had with the pediatrician's office yesterday:

Me: Hello, this is Janel JaNes (I enunciate this carefully, so she won't confuse it with James, which people always do).  I need to schedule an appointment for my son to have a physical with Dr. X [not his real name, obviously].  I know Dr. X is busy, and I'm not in a hurry.  I just need it before the next school year starts, so I can enroll my son in driver's ed. [At this point, I gave her my son's name and date of birth, so she wouldn't ask me].
Office person: Hmmmm, I can't find a Noah James...has he been here before?
Me: [Ticked off beyond reason, forcing myself to be polite] It's JaNes, with an N.
O: Ok...has he been here before?
M: [pushing out a slow breath] Yes.
O: Hmmm...he's not a new patient?
M: [starting to lose it] No. He's been coming there for 14 years.
O: What is his date of birth?
M: [I give it to her again and try to curb the curse words running through my mind].
O: looks like we have him listed under Janes instead of James.
[I had to set the phone down for a couple seconds].
Me: Yes, it is Janes, with an N.
O: Oh, that's him then!  Dr. X's schedule is booked through April, so I'll schedule him with another doctor so you can get him in quicker.

After this phone call, I should have taken a long, long walk before starting my teaching day, but I didn't think I had time.  I didn't even take a deep breath, which would have been advisable.  The poor kids have taken the brunt of my irritation, sad to say.  On top of everything else, Noah has had the most annoying cough this week, which puts my resting grouch level at 9.  When it's this high, I can't even relax enough to sleep, so I was watching an infomercial at 3:30 a.m. (always a bad idea). Of course, by the end of it, I thought, "I have to have this pan. How have I ever cooked anything without this marvel?"  It wasn't very expensive (clue #1), so I bought it.  When it got here, there were no instructions about how to cook all those great things I saw on the infomercial.  Fortunately, the company has a website with a live chat option.  I chatted with them just now:

[15:27] Janel: How do I cook rice in it?
[15:27] Thank you for visiting chat! We will be with you shortly.
[15:38] Dave: Please be informed that we do not have instruction in cooking rice on the pan.
[15:39] Janel: Your ad claims that it will replace my rice cooker. How will it do that if I don't know how to cook rice in it?
[15:43] Dave: As much I want to provide you a recipe for rice, we do not have an available recipe for rice.
[15:44] Janel: Well thanks for wanting to help me at least. Maybe the advertisement shouldn't show a lovely pot of perfectly cooked rice and say that this pan will replace your rice cooker.
[15:44] Dave: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
[15:45] Janel: No, that's all. Thanks.
[15:45] Dave: Thank you for being a loyal customer. To show our appreciation, we are now offering discounts on the majority of our products. I am going to send you a link for our promo codes. Feel free to share with family and friends. Have a Great Day!

Lord, help me.

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