Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dog vomit or back on the horse?

My ten minutes of Wii boxing went very quickly this morning, because I was distracted by a ridiculous argument with Noah that lasted the whole time.  Here's the gist of it:

Me: Remember when we first got the Wii and I fell off the board during boxing?

N: Yeah, didn't you hurt your toe really bad?
M: Yes.

N: Well you probably shouldn't be doing it then.
M: That was years ago. 
N: [mumbles some obscure Bible verse about a dog returning to its vomit]
M: No, it's called "getting back on the horse".
N:  You call it getting back on the horse; I call it returning to your dog vomit.  It all means the same thing.
M: It has a different connotation.  The dog vomit verse is about doing the same foolish thing over and over without learning from it.  Getting back on the horse is overcoming your fears and doing the thing that hurt you in the first place.  
N: Either way, you're doing the same foolish thing again. 
M: This isn't foolishness, or even something I want to do. It's exercise.  I'm only doing it because it's good for me.  
N: Well ok then, but you're just going to get hurt again.  
M: I reject that.
N: It's just statistics.
M: What does that mean?
N: Just that you're more prone to injury than someone who hasn't gotten injured boxing in the past.

M: I disagree.  In fact, I believe I'm LESS prone, because I'm now more careful than someone who hasn't gotten injured doing it.
N: I'm just saying that a certain person might be more likely to get hurt doing a certain sport if that person has a proven history of getting injured doing it.
M: Well, long as that certain person isn't me. 

You get the idea. We went back and forth for the entire ten minutes.  The verbal boxing made the physical boxing go much faster.  Maybe I can get him to argue with me again tomorrow. 

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