Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I gave my students an assignment to draw the days of creation.  Sarah drew a mermaid on day 5.  I said, "After you're done drawing God's days of creation, you could make a separate drawing of 'Sarah's days of creation.  Day 1: Sarah created Sarahland, teeming with candy.  Day 2: Sarah created unicorns. Day 5: Sarah created mermaids..."  She liked that idea, but she never got around to doing it.

Things to note: Day 1 has a heart-shaped light bulb.  On Day 4 has the Big Dipper and the man in the moon. 
Day 6 includes some creature with horns, which Noah dubbed The She-Devil.  Day 7 shows God's pillow and teddy bear.  You can hear Him snoring, but you can't see Him, because He's a Spirit.

Then there's Noah's.  Day 6 features Adam (with prominent penis) clutching his side and yelling, "My rib!"  The woman is on the ground, being approached by a spider as big as she is, and she's about to be crushed by the upside down cow.  I asked Noah why the cow was upside down, and he said it was because God created animals in heaven and dropped them down to earth. 

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