Tuesday, March 22, 2016


In psychology class, I made an ink blot and gave the kids a Rorschach test.
Noah said, "It looks like a butterfly with horns."  Sarah said, "It looks like the face of a serial killer." 

Then we looked at the original Rorschach ink blots.  This is what Sarah had to say about them:

 #1: I see 3 dancing people with a reindeer in the middle.
 #2: I see 2 people on Halloween high-fiving with candy horn heads.
 #3: I see two cavemen in a cave with fire.
 #4: I see an elephant from the underside.
 #5: I see a bat.
 #6: I see a cat from the underside.
 #7: I see 2 bunnies staring at each other.
 #8: I see a rainbow cupcake.
 #9: I see fire and water and more fire.
Based on her answers, she got this result:  "Your underlying valor and heroism would have made you a great candidate to fight in The First Balkan War."  ??
I took a free online Rorschach test and got this result: "Your score is 3 of 10, meaning you selected 3 answers that are commonly given by individuals with some psychological disturbance."  

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