Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New history curriculum

We just started a new curriculum for World History.  It covers everything from creation to now.  It's full of great pictures, interesting activities, and Biblical truth.  We finished Unit 1 yesterday, which was all about the creation of the world, and we had a worldwide dinner to celebrate.  We had pizza from Italy, pineapple from Hawaii, guacamole from Mexico, rice from Asia, and a Mediterranean barley salad.

Today we're starting Unit 2, which starts with Noah and the ark.  We took it on the road. While I drove to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, Sarah read the lesson out loud. While we waited for our food, Noah filled in the timeline book.  On the way home, we measured 450 feet (the length of the ark) and ran the distance of it for P.E.  On the way, we happened to encounter some boulders and named them the mountains of Ararat.  When we got home, we measured the width of the ark, which just happens to be the distance from our mailbox to our neighbors' mailbox.
 A sea lion on Mt. Ararat


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