Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Middle aged puberty

I have a middle aged puberty zit, a large one, on my cheek.  Last night before bed I covered it in toothpaste, because that seems to work to dry it out.  This morning I got suckered into going to Kroger, just to satisfy Noah's sushi craving.  He told me I would be Best Mom In The History Of The World if I would get him sushi for breakfast.  He knew I would fall for that.  I argued that maybe Mary, the mother of Jesus, would be better suited to that title.  He said, "She really wasn't a great mom.  How hard would it be to raise the perfect Son of God?  And she lost Him in Jerusalem that one time when He was 12, and how many days did it take her to realize He was missing?"  

So off I went to Kroger to claim the title for myself.  I saw two ladies from church and talked to various other people.  I also stopped at the mechanic to complain about my "check engine" light being on AGAIN, even after we spent a month's income getting the engine fixed last month.  When I got home from talking to all these people, I realized that the big, bright blue, dried blob of toothpaste was still on my face. 

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Laura Carlson said...

Your life stories make me happy. I know I am not alone in the world. :-)