Thursday, May 10, 2012

No video

Noah came in to invite me to a concert in the back yard.  He and Sarah formed a rock band and wrote a song in honor of Mother's Day.  My first thought was, "I'll have to bring the video camera" but I hadn't even finished thinking it when Noah said, "And don't bring the video camera.  I don't want this to turn up on Facebook or your blog or who knows where."

When I got outside (feeling naked without my camera), Sarah asked indignantly, "You didn't even bring the video camera?!"  So I came back in and got it, but in honor of my tween, I can't post it here (not that I even know how to post videos on here).  It was a great show though!  The only lyrics were "Mothers are the best; they never rest" but it was a catchy little ditty.

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