Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Neighbor kid to the rescue

Do you know how many dishes we've broken since we moved to this house with ceramic tile floor in the kitchen?  I don't either, but it's a lot.  The kids have done a few, but it's mostly me.  I don't think Mike has broken anything (perhaps because he doesn't spend much time in the kitchen). 

This morning, I was unloading the dishwasher, and I shattered a glass plate to bits.  My kids and neighbor boy were in living room, so I yelled, "Nobody come in the kitchen!"  Of course, they all immediately appeared at the edge of the kitchen.  I was standing there barefoot on my island surrounded by a sea of shattered glass, wondering how I was going to get out, when I noticed neighbor boy was not following my "no shoes in the house" rule.  I asked him to get my shoes from the garage.  He did, and I swept up the big chunks, vacuumed the little shards, and now all is well.  We're going to need new dishes soon.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly... why I won't have any tile floors... and wood is warmer too. Susan :)