Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dental distress

My kids have always loved going to the dentist, and we've always known it's because the hygienist is too good to be true.  The woman is absolutely amazing.  She's great with the kids (fun, but not patronizing) and full of knowledge.  On the way there, the kids were saying how they could hardly wait to see her and hear her tell them how perfect their teeth are. 

When we got there, a different hygienist called them back to the chair.  My disappointment must have been apparent, because she said, "Oh, didn't you know Ann retired?"  My kids did a better job of rolling with it than I did.  I actually had to fight back tears.  She was more than our hygienist; she had been our friend for the last 9 years.  I felt a little betrayed. 

The new hygienist was all business.  No fun, no "look at your perfect teeth!  What a good brusher you are!", no attitude of you-are-wonderful-and-I-will-gladly-take-all-the-time-you-need.  Instead it was just cleaning and "They are not brushing their back molars well enough." 

The hits kept on coming when a new dentist came to check them.  He said Sarah needs a filling.  I said, "She has a cavity?" (she's never had one before) and he said, "No, just a natural pit in the tooth."  I fell into a natural pit myself at his next statement:  "And they both need braces.  I'll refer you to an orthodontist."  Boo.  Hiss.  Bad day at the dentist all around. 

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