Saturday, October 27, 2012

poem and pics

Sarah wrote this for Mike this morning:

Dear Dad,
I love poetry.  Here's some ideas for Christmas presents: crayons, markers, notebooks, a watch.  
This is a poem:
I love you very much
as the sun shines down on us,
as we wrestle and play
in the warm-hot summer day
till the sun goes away.

And here are some random fall pictures:
Mike put up the last piece of siding last week! 

It was unusually warm last week, so the kids got in the creek.

Noah and some neighbor kids agreed that they would all go underwater on the count of three.  They counted to three and just looked at each other, waiting for someone to go first!

They did finally go underwater.  It was very cold water!

Sarah made me a fruit plate for my birthday.

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