Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So far, so good.  I've totally known where I'm going all day.  The kids even figured out how to get to the pool all by themselves!  I've rather enjoyed observing all the other lost people.  Chilly and cloudy today, and we haven't left the compound.
I identified the tree.  It's a magnolia!

Sarah doing crafts in front of the window

Mike watching Noah play his new jaw harp.

                                                                I love these guys.

A few hours later...well, I spoke too soon.  Shouldn't have gotten so much pleasure out of those other lost people, because sure enough, I ended up getting lost myself.  This place is absolutely amazing.  Never seen anything like it.  Looking forward to going home.  

Note to self: don't look in those hotel mirrors that light up and magnify every detail of your face.  You do not need to see all that. 

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