Saturday, October 27, 2012

vacuuming fun

I don't like vacuuming.   It's boring and mostly pointless.  Vacuuming this house is like shoveling your driveway while it's still snowing.  But if you don't do it, you might be trapped until the spring thaw.  So I was vacuuming and came across Noah's G.I. Joe dude in the hall, in this position:
 I had an irrestible urge to ram him in the behind with the vacuum.  He went flying into the living room, and I burst out laughing.  I yelled at him, "How'd that feel, Mr. Tough Guy?" and Mike yelled, "Medic!"
Then Mike emptied the vacuum and cleaned out the hair that got stuck in the roller brush.  I thanked him for doing it and said I know it's not a pleasant job.  He said, "Oh, it's fun.  I get to run my fingers through your hair."  It's a barrel of laughs around here sometimes.

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