Monday, October 1, 2012


It rained all day, so we went to the Adventure Science Center.  I had to drive about 12 miles across town in the pouring rain and four lanes of heavy traffic, and the kids were firing questions at me about how grits are made and what does that billboard mean and how long has God existed.  I'm definitely ALL about eduation in every situation, but I had to tell them this time that I was unavailable for conversation until we got to the museum.

It was worth it, because this was a great place!  Not even very expensive.  Noah got up close and personal with the dinosaurs.  Sarah wasn't interested, so she said, "I'll be at the intestines!" (which you'll see coming up)

 Sarah's favorite place: the intestines.  She liked it because it made a farting noise when she came out.

                                               Sarah measuring how high she can jump.

                                                    Noah on the moon gravity simulator.

                                                Watching the rockets they just launched.

                                                                    Sarah being Sarah.

Binoculars at the pinnacle of the adventure tower, which went up above the roof and was very hard for moms to summit.  I only saw one other adult do it, and it was a grandma who's in better shape than I am.  The slide down was just as tough as the climb up, because it was a very tight spiral.  I had to help Grandma get her feet in the slide.  After I slid down, she was waiting to help me out, and we had a little victory hug and went straight for the water fountains.

Noah and I played Mindball, where we strapped sensors on our foreheads that measured brain waves.  We were supposed to think the ball to the other side.  The kid beat me every time until we switched sides.  Then I won. 

                        I was Player 1.  Notice my inactive brain waves compared to Noah's.

                                                        Dr. Noah working on a patient.

Sarah was missing for awhile.  She told me she was going to the top, but when I went to look for her at the top, she wasn't there.  I finally found her on the bottom floor playing with Tinker Toys, and SHE was mad at ME!  She was pretty much ruined after that, and we didn't stay much longer.

                                            trying to catch the parachute man they released

                                                            strumming the giant guitar
By the way, I only got slightly lost one time today, and that was within the giant hotel complex.  My goal for tomorrow is to know where I'm going all the time.

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