Monday, October 8, 2012

a golden day

Today marks the 8th year that we got Sarah on October 8th, so that makes this her Golden Gotcha Day!  I hope it was an extra special one for her.  She was pretty sweet all day.  She woke up requesting waffles and also wanted to make the ginger lemonade she saw on Food Network.  She asked if we could go to Lin's Buffet for lunch (which she quite often does and I usually say no), and I said yes.  Tonight I took her to Fancy Nails, as promised in the Great Nail Fight of three months ago.

Then we topped it off with a Dilly Bar at DQ.
When we got home, we made cookies for Mike to take to a potluck at work tomorrow (killed two birds with one stone there!).  Sarah rattled off this poem she made up on the spot about her big day:

Oh the fame of being a gotcha day girl.
You can be loved and dance and twirl
just like you're a famous shining pearl.
Oh the fame of being a gotcha day girl!

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