Monday, December 31, 2012

Early morning conversations

Within half an hour of waking up this morning, I had discussed Nature vs. Nurture with one child and ear piercing with the other.  

Sarah woke up and announced out of nowhere, "I am getting my ears pierced for my birthday, and that's final!" as if we'd been debating it all night.  I've never told her she can't get her ears pierced, so I don't know why she takes a fighting tone about it. 

While eating breakfast, Noah said, "Would I have a different personality if I had been raised by different parents?"  I told him that people have been wondering that for years and years and that my personal opinion is that God gives you a basic personality, but it can be affected by your parents and circumstances.  He said, "Would I still be funny if somebody with no sense of humor raised me?"  I said I thought he would, and he said, "Even if my parents didn't allow me to say funny things, I'd still have funny thoughts, and I'd go to my room and snicker to myself."  Five minutes later, he had stopped pondering all that and had moved on to something else.  He said, "Hey Mom, did you know that blowfish are poisonous?"

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Mike said...

Did you know my neighbor has three rabbits?