Thursday, December 20, 2012

Springing it on them

We were all packed up and ready to go.  We told the kids that as a special treat we were taking them to  Busy Corner in Goodfield for brunch.  Noah, predictably, was resistant.  He doesn't like leaving home, and there's supposed to be a blizzard coming, and it's so far, and it's probably going to be crowded, blah, blah, blah.  Typical Noah reaction.  I think his grouchy mood helped prevent him from noticing the suitcases (covered by a blanket) in the back of the van as he got in.  Also, as they were getting in, I was in the front seat, holding up one of their favorite books on CD, saying, "Look what I brought to listen to on the way!"  Sarah was excited about that, and even Noah perked up a little while listening.

After we left Busy Corner, Noah said, "Are we going home now?" and Mike said, "Well, since we're halfway to Bloomington, we're going to go get gas there, because it's cheaper."  I put in a Mythbusters DVD from the library, and they were captivated.  They didn't even notice that we blasted through Bloomington without getting gas.

When we were a few miles from Minonk, Sarah groaned, "How long till we get there?"  I said, "We're just a few miles from our gas stop."  We stopped for gas in Minonk, and Noah looked around and said, "How far from home ARE we anyway?  This is a long way to go for cheap gas..."  They started up another episode of Mythbusters and stared at the screen until I shut it off, as we were pulling into the parking lot at Grand Bear Lodge.  To be continued....

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