Friday, December 21, 2012

Grand Bear Lodge--day1

We pulled in to the parking lot, and Mike said, "We're home!" They looked confused and said, "What?!" and Sarah said, "We're sleeping here?"  I said, "Yes, for 2 nights!"  Sarah screamed  with delight.  Noah seemed concerned and said, "But we don't have anything packed... "  I said, "Look behind you," and Mike said, "We have everything you need."  Then Noah relaxed and a huge smile came on his face. Neither of them could stop smiling for a long time.  Noah kept saying, "I can't believe you pulled that off.  Nicely executed!"
 This is right after we arrived, and Sarah is yelling, "This is the best day EVER!"

 We walked to Bear Island (playground) before the big blizzard was supposed to arrive.  
 And this is when Sarah's attitude went south.  She didn't want to walk to the playground, and the whining, complaining, and mouthing off began.  Parenting never ends, not even on vacation.  But good behavior and attitudes had reigned for a good hour before that, and we had basked in it.

 She perked up at the water park.

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