Saturday, December 22, 2012

Grand Bear--the end

 On our last night, we played laser tag with a couple kids we met from Washington, IL. Noah played on their team vs. Mike, Sarah, and me.  They beat us.  Commander=Mike, Comet=Hunter, Ace=Ava, Chaos=Noah, Alpha=Sarah, Cipher=me.  Yes, I came in last.  

 Mike, Noah, and Sarah did a high ropes course.
 We played some Uno, ordered a pizza, watched a great movie that is now my new favorite ("Lost in the Woods", based on a great book by the same title, but the movie is ever better).  Had a pillow fight,

and then the kids fought over who gets to sleep with Mom.
This morning, we had breakfast with Santa (although, none of us paid any attention to Santa; we were more interested in the food), saw a baby lion cub from Browns' Zoo, packed up, and came home.  It was a fun trip, and it reminded me once again that my favorite place is home!

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