Monday, December 3, 2012

The major project

 Mike is building a loft bed in Noah's room.
The basement looks like this.  The garage looks pretty similar.  There is mess pretty much everywhere.
 I painted it Cubs colors, at Noah's request.
The children painted the underside.

That was a BIG mess.
Mike had to airlift them to the shower.
Then the carpet went down.
 Meanwhile, Noah's mattress was in the hallway.  Something new to climb, so curious kittens had to investigate. I was pleased that they weren't interested in the paint anymore.  They finally dozed off up there.
They kept inching closer and closer until their heads were together.  
 Ok, back to the project.  Here is a happy boy getting ready to sleep in the loft.  It still needs a ladder and a few finishing touches, and then we have to clean up and put his room back together.  Of course Sarah wants a loft too...
 Hanging out with a buddy in the loft
 His buddy helped him haul up some furniture from the basement. it has steps.

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