Friday, October 11, 2013

Crafting on the porch

Sarah and I were gluing on the porch.  Again.  She could do this all day long.  When Noah woke up, Sarah convinced him to come out and glue too.  I think he agreed only so he could delay school.

 Making a doll hospital.

 Looking adorable in Noah's sweatshirt.

 Is this the most tortured Barbie ever?  No.  Just wait...

 Hospital curtains

 Extension cord to the iron.  Because hospitalized dolls must look their best.

 Bottles of medication

 My poor abused glue gun.

 There she is, the most tortured Barbie in history.  She has had her hair butched, her face drawn on, and her hand cut off, among other things.  Sarah just snipped her hand right off with scissors.  I asked her why, and she said, "Her hand was all sticky and yucky."

The Pet Pantry guy delivered our cat food, so I decorated it with scraps.  That's the extent of my craftitude.

I also made this guy.  Brave spider killer dude.

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