Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Noah read the entire Harry Potter series, and now he and Sarah are going around wearing bathrobes, carrying flashlights for wands, and casting spells on the cats.  Today they spent considerable time hovered over the sink with food coloring, making potions.  Whenever a poor, unsuspecting cat walks into the room, they point their wands at it and yell "Stupefy! Reducto!" and other things I don't understand.  Then they cackle gleefully if the cat stops moving or does whatever they expected it to do.  Once, they cast a spell on Shiloh, and she glanced at them and kept right on walking.  She sat down to lick a paw, and Noah mused, "Hmm.  Didn't work.  She must have giant's blood in her."  I didn't know what that meant, until someone explained to me that a giant is some kind of freakish humanoid that is impervious to spells.

This is all way beyond my comfort zone and scope of interest.  I can't get into wizards, humanoids, and other "fantasy" type books/movies.  That's not the stuff of MY fantasies.  Perhaps I'm missing a lot of great literature by being closed minded about it.  Fortunately, there's enough great literature (minus the freaks) to keep me busy for the rest of my life.

Meanwhile, I'm learning just enough about Harry Potter so I can commune with the natives.  I even bought them wands today to facilitate their play.  I went to Menards, found a 48" dowel for 64 cents, and asked the lumber guys to cut it into wands for me.  After they stopped laughing, they did it.  And then THEY started using them as wands, casting spells on each other and fellow employees across the store.  I didn't have all day to watch them play with my wands, so I said nicely, "You know, you guys could buy yourselves a dowel and make your very own wands."  They were contemplating it when I left. 

This is a new spell that Noah invented, called "Liftiosis!"


Jamie Schroderus said...

I take you (or they) haven't seen the movies then?

Janes Family said...

They have watched parts of the first two. I think Mike watched one or two. I have watched none.