Thursday, October 10, 2013

Legal driver

We had school at the DMV today.  My kids learned how to renew a driver's license.  I passed the vision test, which was a joke and took all of five seconds.  I had to take the written test too.  I took it 8 years ago, balancing a kid on each knee.  This time was much easier, because they stood behind me and gave their input.  I'm pretty sure Noah would have passed it. 

There were two people taking it at the same time as I was.  The one lady kept trying to get me to help her, even though there were signs everywhere about the penalty for cheating.  I said, "You can do it!", gave her a little encouraging thumbs-up, and ignored her.  Then she moved on to the other guy taking the test.  They were discussing how hard it was and how they should have studied and what they thought the answers were.  The woman failed first and said she knew she was going to fail all along.  A few minutes later, the guy failed his too.  I missed the question about how far from the intersection you have to start signaling your turn, but I passed.  The people who failed got to review their wrong answers and take the test again, which is also kind of a joke.

While I was waiting to get my picture taken, I said, "I forgot about the picture.  I wish I would have done something with my hair."  Sarah said, "Oh, I can fix it for you!" and started mauling it around with her hands.  I made it out of there in less than an hour and don't have to deal with it again for several years, so yay!

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