Monday, July 13, 2015

China Dragonfly

 This morning I found a dead dragonfly in the garage. I told Sarah that I found a giant dragonfly.  She said, "Oooo, yum! Can we eat it?" I gave her a weird look and she said, "What, I love China Dragon." After I clarified that I had said GIANT, not China, she was no longer interested in eating it.

I held it up and was pontificating about the glorious, intricate design of its wings when it suddenly turned its head to look directly at me.  I flung it and screamed instinctively, but immediately went back to investigate it.  It was definitely dead.  Its legs were curled up, and half of its brain had been eaten away by something.  But it had just as definitely turned its head in my direction.  I don't understand it, but it was very creepy.

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