Friday, August 28, 2015

Making flags

Today in geography class, we were making flags of European countries. While drawing Sweden's, Sarah said, "Sweden looks like a present!  I want to put a bow on it!"  But when she was drawing Armenia's, she said, "Ewww, Armenia looks like ugly sweater day."  She had something even worse to say about Lithunia's: "Lithuania looks rancid."  That made Noah gag.

I should know better by now, but every time we get involved in a project, I make the same mistake.  Instead of stopping when things heat up or people lose interest, I keep pushing to finish.  I should break big projects up into smaller chunks so people don't get burned out, instead of trying to finish it all in one fell swoop.  Long past the point where we should have stopped for today, Sarah and I were fighting about Moldova's flag. First, for reference, here is the flag of Moldova:
and here is the flag of Romania:
She drew the flag of Romania, labeled it "Moldova" and hung it on the wall.  Then the fight:
M: Umm....where's the crest?
S: What's a crest?
M: That symbol in the middle of the flag.
S: Oh. That looked too complicated, so I left it off.
M: You can't just leave it off.
S: Yes, I can. I did.
M: If you skip the crest, you turn Moldova's flag into Romania's.
S: No, Romania's is a different shade of red. It's dark pink.
M: It's red. The Moldovan flag is exactly the same as the Romanian flag, except it has the crest.
S: No, it's different.
[Sweet, peace-making Noah interjects at this point]
N: Hey, you know a good tip I heard?  We should treat every person we meet as if they're dying.
S: Bye. It was nice knowing you.

 So I got stuck drawing Moldova's flag.  I told Noah to hang it wherever he thought it should go.  He said, "It should go in an art museum!  It's fan-stinkin-tastic!" 

In the end, Sarah summed up the whole thing by saying, "Well, this was kinda fun....emphasis on the 'kinda'."

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