Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wildlife Praire Park

 Perfect fall day.  Aunt Linda's birthday.  So I scrapped the plan to sit in school all day and took it on the road again.  We took lunch to Aunt Linda and went to Wildlife Prairie Park. At the wolf enclosure, we howled at the wolves and read the sign about how body language is important to them. The above picture shows the kids in wolf submission posture.
 It was a great time to see the animals!  Almost all of them were visible.  I guess they didn't want to miss out on the beautiful weather either. Above is one of the coyotes, napping in the sun.
 The bobcats were walking around their habitat and came very close to us. Every other time I've been there (and I've been there a lot, since I grew up nearby and used to work there), the bobcats are either hiding or sleeping in the trees.  This is the first time I've seen them active, and it was great to watch! Seeing all the big cats was Noah's favorite part.
 Feeding the pony. Sarah's favorite part.
 The pigeons were my favorite. They were flapping around making a nice breeze. There were a lot of them in their enclosure, and they were making their peaceful cooing noises.  I could have stayed there all day and just listened to them flapping and cooing.

We slid down the Gollywhopper several times.

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