Saturday, October 8, 2016


There is one towel rack in our tiny bathroom, and we all share the two towels that it holds.  So if someone takes a shower before you, you're getting wet towels to dry off with after your shower.  If more than one person takes a shower before you, the towels will be saturated by the time you get to them. Sometimes they have toothpaste stains on them or other grossness. It's a relatively minor annoyance, so we just put up with it.
A couple weeks ago, I decided to buy myself two towels that I would hide for my exclusive use.  They're soft, fluffy, purple, clean, and dry every time I use them.  I keep them on my closet door, so I have to remember to take them to the bathroom with me before I get in the shower, but it's so wonderful.  The whole situation makes me disproportionately happy.

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