Saturday, October 1, 2016


"Worship Me by resting peacefully in My presence."  That's what I read in my devotion book this morning.  Then I did that, and God was faithful to reveal Himself to me.  First I saw a picture (more of a word picture; He knows I'm all about words.  I think He gives more vivid pictures to visual people) of me sitting at His feet worshipping Him on His throne.  He stood up from the throne and came and sat down right next to me, close, like a buddy.  We sat there, shoulders touching, leaning into each other a little, both of us worshipping God together, because He was still sitting on the throne.  I knew the One sitting with me was Jesus.  I asked where the Holy Spirit was, and I saw another copy of God get up from the throne and come into me.  I basked in the presence of the three of them for awhile.  It was overwhelmingly wonderful. 

Then Shiloh jumped up on the bed, and God used her (as He has before) to continue to reveal Himself to me.  I held out my hand to her, wanting to love on her, but she stayed just out of reach.  Finally she came and rubbed her face on my fingertips and licked them.  It made me happy, but I wanted more.  I knew she (and I) would be happier if she came closer and curled up next to me and let me love her more.  I invited her, but she stayed at arm's length.  She just wanted her morning kitty treat and wasn't in the mood to let me pet her.  It made me a little sad, knowing we could both have more if she would just accept my invitation.  Then she heard a bird outside and turned away from me to jump to her shelf and look out the window.  It was a picture of how I hold God at arm's length, waiting for Him to give me what I want instead of coming closer and receiving the fullness of His love that He wants to lavish on me.  Then I am distracted by the world (TV, activities, internet, etc.) and turn away from Him and miss out on all I could have had with Him.  Also, when I was holding out my hand to Shiloh, my arm got tired after awhile, and I eventually stopped reaching out to her.  I was reminded that God's arm never gets tired, and He will never stop reaching out to me, inviting me to come closer and experience more of His love.  

I had one more thought-picture.  It was of my kids giving me an orange for my birthday.  I was thrilled that they had remembered my birthday and thought to give me something I like.  As I thanked them, they said sheepishly, "It's not much, and we just took it out of the fridge.  You're the one who bought it."  It showed me that God created everything and owns everything.  There's nothing we can give Him that He doesn't already have and hasn't already given us, but He still loves it when we give back to Him (time, talents, money, etc.).

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