Monday, October 10, 2016

Pukey feet

Shadow puked directly in the doorway of Noah's room early this morning.  It was one of those that is much easier to clean up after it dries and hardens, so I went in to warn Noah not to step in it.  When he came out of his room later, he stepped in it.  He took his socks off and threw them in the laundry.  The next time he went into his room, he stepped in the pile again.  This time he washed his feet in the bathtub.  Just now, I heard a yell of disgust and frustration followed by the bathtub running again.  Then he was kicking around the clean laundry on the floor.  I told him to keep his pukey feet out of the clean laundry, and he said, "I just washed them!  They're cleaner than Jesus' feet!"  I said, "Did you use soap?" and he said, "  I used frankincense and myrrh."

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