Monday, October 17, 2016

Lunchtime with my people

The kids and I were working together making lunch.  Noah and I were assembling a big salad, and Sarah was making pasta.  Noah seized the opportunity to expound on all the reasons why it would be a great idea for us to get him a cell phone for his 15th birthday.  After laying out several reasons, he concluded, "So you'd be killing three birds with one stone!"  I pointed out that I don't like killing animals, and he amended his statement to: "Ok, well,'d be...saving three birds with"

Sarah butted in to rinse out the strainer before draining the pasta.  She was singing a song about about salmonella and saying she didn't want to get salmonella from any dust that might be in the strainer.  Noah said, "Why are you always singing songs about salmonella and ebola?"

I wonder if I'll miss all this bustling around and bantering in the kitchen someday when they're gone?  I think I will.

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