Saturday, June 6, 2015

Best garage sale purchase of the year!

 Sarah and I were browsing a garage sale and saw this headboard for $12.  We weren't in the market for headboards, but I started envisioning how nice it would be to have this storage space, so I sent a picture of it to Mike.  He said yes, so I bought it and went home to pick up Noah to help load it.  When Mike got home, he dismantled the bed, and I was afraid of what we would find under it.  Only two years ago, we found this under the bed, but this time it wasn't quite as bad. 
There were various food wrappers and crumbs and miscellaneous trash, but mostly it was shredded foam.  We had given the cats a chunk of packing foam to scratch on several months ago, and they hauled it under the bed.  We hear them scratching on it all the time, and when they come out from under the bed, they always drag bits of it with them, so I knew there would be lots of it under there.
 The men put the new headboard in place.

 We reassembled the bed and moved our stuff into the shelves.  

 The men wrestled the old headboard to the basement.  My favorite line of the night came while they were at the top of the stairs making their plan.  Mike said to Noah, "I think I can do it by myself if you help me."  

 The cats love having a new place to sit and look out the window.

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