Friday, June 12, 2015

Kayaking the creek

Bull Run Creek was very swollen today, but the current wasn't too fast, so we thought it would be a perfect time to kayak it.
Sarah shoved Noah into the creek

Marty was very concerned about her buddy being out on the water. She yelled for him repeatedly and kept her eye on him the whole time.

When he got too far away for her to see him anymore, she directed her incessant yelling at me. Here she's saying, "Help! My favorite boy just went away on the water! Aren't you going to do something? Save him! Emergency!"

Sarah pulled him out before he went too far.

Despite my vow not to engage in fun physical activity with my still-tender arm, I can't resist the water.  And Noah couldn't resist getting in with me.  Sarah took this picture right before we capsized.

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