Monday, November 16, 2015

Mike loves Janel

An advertisement arrived in the mail last week, trying to guilt Mike into buying me a customized piece of jewelry declaring his love for me. 
 I thought it was funny, so I cut it out and put it on the fridge.

Then I cut out all the examples of this imaginary piece of jewelry that I'll never own (and wouldn't want to) and gave them to Mike. He looked at me like, "What am I supposed to do with these little scraps?" so I told him something like, "Put those somewhere where I'll find them."  I thought they would find their way to the garbage can.  

Several days went by, and I never gave them another thought.  I hadn't given exercise any thought either, so I went downstairs to do an exercise video.  I was dreading it, as always, but when I went to hit the power button, there was this:
It made me so ridiculously happy that I squealed and cried.

Today I took the kids to church for a funeral.  On the way back home, it was raining, and I was feeling tired and sad.  As I turned onto our street, I reached up to get ready to push the garage door opener button, and there was another little picture of the jewelry.  I said to the kids (as I drove right past our driveway), "Aw, look! Your daddy loves me!"  I showed it to them, and Sarah said, "Where did he get that?"  I told her that I had cut them out and given them to him with instructions to give them to me.  I told her something I hope she'll remember when she gets older: "Sometimes men need a little help knowing how to love us."  

A couple hours later, it was quiet time, and I opened my book to read.  Next to my bookmark was this:

Later I was making soup for dinner. I opened the cabinet where I keep the spices and found this:
Each time I found one, I felt so loved!  Not only did he not throw them away, he took the time to think about where to hide them so that I would be sure to find them at different times.

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Jenjo11 said...

This was so awesome!! What a neat idea, and you're absolutely right in your explanation to Sarah that they DO need our guidance on how to love us sometimes.