Thursday, November 5, 2015


We're working through a devotional series about the attributes of God.  This morning, we were talking about God's omnipotence. 
Me: When we use our power, we get tired and have to rest and eat to replenish our energy. God's power is not like that. That reminds me of an Andrew Wommack story.
Sarah: No, please. Don't.
Me: You don't want to hear it?
S: I don't mind hearing about God, but I don't want to hear about Andrew Wommack. And it will go on and on...

M: It's a story that Andrew Wommack tells about God, and it's not long.
S: Oh all right.
M: There was a man who came to Andrew Wommack for prayer. Andrew asked him what ailments he had, and the guy went on and on about everything that plagued him from head to toe. Then he said the most bothersome was his back, so if Andrew could just pray for his back, that would be good enough.  Andrew said, "Yes, we wouldn't want to ask God to heal all your problems, because the lights in heaven might dim!" He was making the point that God is powerful enough to do anything, even more than we can think to ask. 
S: The lights in heaven wouldn't dim. They'd probably get brighter when God gets all that glory!
I'm glad I told that story, because her perspective added to it.  Noah added some good thoughts too, but I've already forgotten them.  If I don't write this stuff down right away, it slips away...

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