Friday, November 13, 2015

Whole family homeschool day

Mike took the day off today, for reasons unknown to me, but I'm sure glad he did.  We modified our school schedule accordingly.  We were behind a week on our astronomy class, so the first order of business was to get caught up on that.  I love this class! I think it's my favorite of all time.  It's just amazing and fascinating to me to learn about the stars and the stories people tell about them.  
There's Mike, expounding upon how unfathomably huge the universe is.  One thing we learned about is our local supercluster of galaxies.  It's called Laniakea, which is a Hawaiian word meaning, "immeasurable heavens".  I like that word. After hearing about the vastness of the known universe, Sarah said, "Ok, my brain just broke."(By the way, Mike is wearing a hat in the house because it's cold in here.  We're holding out for Thanksgiving before we turn on the furnace).
Then we had a P.E. break. Some of us walked, while others jogged, and some did a combination, but we all ended up back at home for a garbage pickup and a stretch. We picked up garbage that has been blowing around, since yesterday (garbage day) was very windy.  We found an empty box of cat litter in the neighbors' yard (they don't have cats) and an empty Dominoes box right on our front porch (we don't have Dominoes pizza delivered).
Mike helped each student individually with math corrections.  I really appreciated that, because it's the most frustrating part of my job.  We did a little spelling and watched a cat chase a fly all around the school room.  It's been a nice day.  I wish Mike could be here with us every day.

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