Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mini heart attack

I told Sarah that she was my favorite girl in the whole world, which prompted this disturbing conversation:
S: More than Mary, the mother of Jesus?
M: Yes.
S: But if we didn't have Mary, we wouldn't have Jesus, and without Jesus, we'd be lost!
M: God would have used some other girl to birth Jesus. It could have been you!
S: No, it couldn't be me.
M: Why not?
S: Because I'm not a virgin.
M: WHAT?!?!
S: Wait...isn't a virgin an unbarren person?
M: What do you mean by unbarren?
S: Someone who can birth babies.
M: That's called fertile. A virgin is someone who has never had sex before.
S: Oh, right. Well then, I guess God could have chosen me.
She flounced away at that point, leaving me to recover.

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