Sunday, May 21, 2017

Baby robins

During our unusually warm February, I watched a pair of robins build a nest in a lilac bush that I could see from my bedroom window.  It was easy to watch their progress, because the bush wasn't blooming yet.  Over the next few weeks, the bush filled out with leaves and eventually blossoms, and the nest was completely obstructed from view.  But I knew it was there, and I could easily pull back a couple branches to see inside it. Mother Robin laid four beautiful eggs in it, and then the fun began.
 May 5--the first three hatched. So tiny and helpless.
 Day 2--the last one hatched.  He was smaller than his siblings. I named him Glennie.
 Day 3--Always hungry
 Day 4--Sleeping
 Day 5--The oldest three open their eyes.
 Day 6--Glennie opens his eyes.
 Day 7--The oldest three are getting stubby feathers. Glennie is the one asking for food.
 Day 8--Growing so quickly!
 Day 9--A full nest
 Day 10--Really starting to look like birds
 Day 11--Getting crowded in there
 Day 12--The oldest three hop and stumble away. Glennie has the nest all to himself.
Day 13--Glennie is gone. Only poop remains.

June 3 update: Wonder if this is Glennie....

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