Friday, May 26, 2017

Taco night

Sarah and I went to Kroger this morning.  It happened to be right at the time that a Kroger employee was going around picking out the old produce and marking it way down in price.  I went behind her and snapped up everything I could.  I got a bag of Brussels sprouts and planned on roasting them for lunch.  When she marked down the cauliflower pearls, I snatched those up and hoped she would mark down the mushrooms so I could make vegan taco meat.  But she passed the mushrooms and went on to something else.  I continued to stalk her.  Suddenly she returned to the mushrooms, picked up a box of baby bellas (which were over $4), and marked them 99 cents.  Taco night!  I had to pay full price for the walnuts needed to complete the meat, but I saved enough on the cauliflower and mushrooms to make up for it. 

 Noah, who almost never refuses to eat anything, hated the Brussels sprouts, but he ate four tacos.

I also made nachos.  This particular cheese sauce is made in the blender and has roasted red peppers and oatmeal in it!  It never ceases to amaze me what can be made with only plants. 

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