Friday, May 26, 2017

Garden of Eden

I thought I might take a day and try to eat nothing but what Adam and Eve would have eaten in the Garden of Eden.  I went out to my garden (which is certainly NOT anything like the Garden of Eden), plucked a leaf of mustard greens, and munched on it. 
 Very tender, kind of boring all by itself.  Not very filling.  On to the strawberry patch:
So sweet, juicy, and delicious!  But the bunnies and birds have been helping themselves, so there were only a handful left for me.  Still hungry, so I raided the fridge for more fruits and vegetables.  I wanted some crackers and hummus, so I made up a whole story to convince myself that Adam and Eve could have smashed up some chickpeas, added some spices from their perfect garden, and made hummus.  I supposed they could have made a fire, harvested some wheat, smashed it into flour, and baked some crackers. By the end of the day, I was attributing all kinds of skills and resources to the first people, imagining that they grew sugar cane and cocoa and...poof!  Oreos.

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